Working papers

  1. Household sorting in an ancient setting
    R&R at Journal of Urban Economics
    Abhimanyu Gupta, and Jonathan Halket

Refereed journal articles

  1. The Housing Stock, Housing Prices, and User Costs: The Roles of Location, Structure and Unobserved Quality
    Jonathan Halket, Lars Nesheim, and Florian Oswald
    International Economic Review, 2020
  2. Homeownership and the scarcity of rentals
    Jonathan Halket, and Matteo Pignatti Morano di Custoza
    Journal of Monetary Economics, 2015
  3. Do Households Use Homeownership To Insure Themselves? Evidence Across U.S. Cities
    Michael Amior, and Jonathan Halket
    Quantitative Economics, 2014
  4. Saving Up or Settling Down: Home Ownership over the Life Cycle
    Jonathan Halket, and Santhanagopalan Vasudev
    Review of Economic Dynamics, 2014

Technical reports

  1. Estimating the benefits of transport investment
    Polly Simpson, Lars Nesheim, Jonathan Halket, and Mateusz Mysliwski

Older, sleeping papers

  1. Existence of an equilibrium in incomplete markets with discrete choices and many markets
    Jonathan R Halket
  2. Multivariate Fractional Cointegration and GDP Convergence
    Jonathan R Halket
  3. Plant Level Growth Rates - A case for disaggregating shocks
    Jonathan R Halket
  4. Convergence of output in the G-7 countries
    Neil R Ericsson, and Jonathan R Halket