Courses taught - past & present

Mays Business School, Texas A&M University

Real Property Analysis
FINC 670
Fall 2018-current
  • ○ Graduate-level introduction to real estate.
  • ○ Topics include Pro-forma valuation, Comparative Analysis of Mortgages, and a Financial and Economic approach to our Built Environment.
  • ○ Core introductory course for Masters in Real Estate students. Also taken by many MBA, MLPD, Economics and Finance students.
Real Property Valuation
FINC 673
Fall 2018-current
  • ○ Graduate-level course on valuation of real estate investments.
  • ○ Topics include valuing properties from a sales, income and cost approaches, highest and best use, land valuation, direct capitalization, normalizing cash flows and others.

Stern School of Business

Real Estate Primary Markets - Graduate
Fall 2015: Visiting Assistant Professor
Real Estate Primary Markets - Undergraduate
Fall 2015: Visiting Assistant Professor
  • ○ Undergraduate course on valuing real estate investments.

University of Essex

Advanced Macroeconomics
Lecturer (Assistant Professor): 2011-2017
  • ○ Undergraduate course on advanced macroeconomic topics such as Time-inconsistent monetary policy, Bank runs and deposit insurance, Unemployment in Europe and America, and Consumption, savings and taxation.
Financial Innovations and Monetary Policy
Lecturer (Assistant Professor): 2011-2017
  • ○ Undergraduate course on the economics of finance, banking and monetary policy architecture.
Introduction to Economics
Lecturer (Assistant Professor): 2011-2017
  • ○ Undergraduate course introducing core concepts in macroeconomics.

New York University

History of Economic Thought
Graduate lecturer: 2004-2006
  • ○ Undergraduate course covering some topics on the history of economic thought, mainly comparing notions of (economic) value.