"But let the mind beware, that though the flesh be bugged, the circumstances of existence are pretty glorious." Kerouac, Dharma Bums

"Know ye, now, Bulkington? Glimpses do ye seem to see of that mortally intolerable truth; that all deep earnest thinking is but the intrepid effort of the soul to keep the open independence of her sea; while the wildest winds of heaven and earth conspire to cast her on the treacherous, slavish shore?

"But as in landlessness alone resides the highest truth, shoreless, indefinite as God - so, better is it to perish in that howling infinite, than be ingloriously dashed upon the lee, even if that were safety!" Melville, Moby-Dick

"It is just the same with me as in languages. I understand the mathematical laws, but the simplest technical reality, where intuition is needed, is harder for me than the knottiest problems." K. Marx
"Man is the measure of all things.... Of the gods I cannot speak because I do not know." Protagoras

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